14th Members’ Meeting “Technical Possibilities of material recycling for plastics”

[Purpose of Meeting]

We have been dealing with the plastic circulation several times in the CE-MVC Study Group so far. A major issue arose during the course of discussions was to what extent the material recycling could be done. Here, we have set up an opportunity in which the technical possibilities of material recycling for plastics could be discussed as the physical basis presented mainly from an academic viewpoint.

Professor Yao has consistently been pursuing various approaches to material recycling of plastics as an academic in Japan. Recently in particular, he has verified that high-quality, high-performance material recycling is possible also for plastics. Professor Tokumitsu has long been pursuing material recycling for general-purpose plastic from household waste such as PE (Polyethylene) or PP (Polypropylene) also from an academic viewpoint. Professor Takatori has been tackling the assessment of plastics from his viewpoint about the use of recycled plastics for automobile.

At a time like now when plastic issues is attracting increasing attention and the cost-effective problem solving is direly desired, it is considered timely to accurately understand the science of material recycling of plastics which constitute the basis of the whole issue.

Meeting Agenda

Date & Time: 13:15 ~ 16:45, December 17, 2019

Venue: Hallo rental meeting room Tsukiji Higashiginza 3F, Tsukiji Ohmi Building 3rd Floor,
7-10 Tsukiji 1 Chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045
(5 minutes walking distance from Higashiginza Station No. 5 Exit on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)


13:15 〜 13:25 Coordinator’s remarks, Yoichi Kodera, Chief Senior Researcher, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Tsukuba.

13:25 〜 14:15 High-grade Recycling of Plastics, Shigeru Yao, Professor at Fukuoka University

14:25 〜 15:15 Material Recycling of Mixed Plastics, Katsuhisa Tokumitsu, Professor at The University of Shiga Prefecture.

15:25 〜 16:25 Performance Evaluation of Plastics from the viewpoint of Recycling, Eiichi Takatori, Analysis and Research Center, Toso Ltd.

16:25 〜 16:45 General Discussion