13th Members’ Meeting “Resource Efficiency Index and Sustainable Consumption of Resources”


[Purpose of Meeting]

“Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” and “Paris Pact”, viewed as international and historical agreements, could likely have additional load in the process of being implemented. On the other hand, utilization of resources has a potential to trigger mining activities that could culminate in tailing dam collapse and the destruction of adjacent environments. In order to discuss possible countermeasures against these problems to be controlled through achieving patterns of sustainable resource use, it is imperative to determine resources usage induced by economic activities, thus quantifying the resources usage per unit of service (“resource strength”). However, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission so far tended to be overvalued in life-cycle assessment (LCA) and the assessment of energy strength has been still insufficient. For the resource strength to be assessed, needs are growing for a cross-sectorial analysis involving Total Material Requirement (TMR), Ecological Footprint, Ecological Rucksack, Raw Material Equivalent and others.

Addressing the above issues, discussions have been ongoing among the members of the Study Group on Resource Strength Evaluation Methods in The Institute of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan (ILCAJ) that has a cooperative relationship with CE-MVC Study Group about how the status of application of resource strength should be by analyzing the features of evaluation methods for resource strength and by case study analyses.

In this 13th Member Meeting, a research study conducted in the above Study Group, entitled “Resource Efficiency Index and sustainable consumption of resources” will be presented.

Meeting Agenda

Date & Time: 13:30 ~ 16:30, November 29, 2019

Venue: Hallo rental meeting room Hamamatsucho Kitaguchiekimae Building 3, HK Hamamatsucho Kitaguchiekimae Building 3rd floor, 1-20-8 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013
(5 minutes on foot from JR North Exit of Hamamatsucho Station)


13:30 − 14:30 Resource paradox issues, Eiji Yamasue (Professor, College of Science and Engineering, Ritumeikan University)

14:30 − 15:30 Identification of demand structure and its visualization, Kenichi Nakajima (Senior Researcher, Center for Material Cycles and Waste Management Research, National Institute for Environmental Studies)

15:30 − 16:30 Kohmei Halada

16:00 − 16:30 General Discussion