9th Members’ Meeting “Material Circulation and Blockchain”


Meeting Agenda
Date & Time: 13:30 ~ 16:30, May 20, 2019

Venue: Hallo Rental meeting room Jimpocho 10F Surugadai Building 10th floor, 3-10 Ogawacho, Kanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 101-0052
(2 minutes on foot from Jimpocho Station No. A5 Exit on the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line)


13:30 − 13:40 Welcome remarks

13:40 – 14:20 (1) Use cases for block chain as viewed from the energy sector, Mr Tetsuya Hisakawa, Fujitsu Ltd

14:20 – 15:00 (2) Characteristics of waste management business and blockchain as viewed from the economic sectors, Masasi Yamamoto, University of Toyama

15:00 – 15:40 (3) Innovation in recycling business, Takamasa Hayashi, Resource Circulation Network Inc.

15:40 – 16:20 General Discussion

16:40 – 16:50 Closing Remarks

Abstract 1

Tetsuya Hisakawa, Manager, Environmental Engineering Department,

Issues identified as on-site problem during participating in the Virtual Power Plant Project (VPP) entitled “VPP verification through utilizing big data and IoT (2017)” under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Economy and Trade were addressed as use cases to be solved by employing blockchain, not by remodeling existing facilities. Simulation studies of the process and the resulting contribution to the business of our company will be presented.

Abstract 2

Masasi Yamamoto, Center for Far Eastern Studies, University of Toyama

What is the waste management business different and how similar is it when compared with other so-called arterial industry? In this report, we aim at highlighting the difference between the two using information asymmetry as a key word. Then, we overview from the logical point of view how the latest information technologies such as blockchain could help boost productivity.

Abstract 3

Takamasa Hayashi, Representative Director Resource Circulation Network Inc.

The mature phase of the industry life cycle is necessarily accompanied by innovation. So is the waste management and recycling industry and is deemed to challenge a number of uncertainties. Owing to such an age that things change drastically in a short period of time, we ought to pursue innovation looking ahead to the industry-wide sustainable development. In this presentation, our assessments will be presented on the technical innovation within the industry including the concept of a platform using blockchain in addition to a possible introduction of advanced technologies.