6th Members’ Meeting “Resource efficiency indicator ” (13/2/2019)


Multi-value circulation and circular economy are aimed at realizing a society highly resource-efficient and economically affordable. Hence, residual value as a core needs to be assessed from the viewpoint of resource efficiency. While many theories and indicators have long been proposed as to the resource efficiency, a contemporary and almost internationally agreed consensus is only so far that a country’s resource efficiency is to be viewed as the quantity of resource input per unit of gross domestic product (GDP).

It may well be said that a product’s service life and the resource efficiency both of which are an important factor in circular economy remain at a level where resource efficiency cannot but be discussed as one of the resource usages associated in life cycle analysis with environmental stresses.

Under these circumstances as above, it is necessary and the most opportune time now to focus proactively on the indicator for resource efficiency and strengthen to express it whenever services and products are provided.

Here in this member meeting, we present these indicators for resource efficiency.

Firstly, the current status of discussions on the resource efficiency indicators and the main points at issue will be explained from the international point of view by Dr Hashimoto who has been playing a critical role in discussions in the UNEP International Resource Panel. Secondly, possible applications of TMR (Total Material Requirement) and the examples of analysis of resource efficiency using TMR will be presented by Dr . Yamasue who has been promoting the application of TMR extended recently beyond the area of metal resources to that of food. Finally, Mr Miyake will present his own experiences as a practical application of resource efficiency indicator for products and services.

Your active participations will be highly appreciated for fruitful discussions.

Meeting Agenda
Date & Time: 13:30 ~ 16:30
Venue: Hallo Rental meeting room at Hamamatsucho North Gate 3F
3rd floor HK Hamamatsucho Building (former Hamamatsucho 1-Chome Building) 1-20-8 Hamamatsucho, Minatoku, Tokyo 105-0013
13:30 ~ 13:40 Welcome remarks by Dr Harada
13:40 ~ 14:20 “Review on resource efficiency and circular economy indicators”, Professor Hashimoto, Ritumeikan University
14:30 ~ 15:10 “New development on TMR and its application”, Associate Professor Yamasue, Ritsumeikan University
15:20 ~ 16:00 “Efforts by Panasonic on resource efficiency indicators”, Mr Miyake, Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd.
16:00 General discussion
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